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Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Once you are hooked on the hobby of mermaiding and have some experience swimming with a tail, you may consider PADI Basic, Mermaid or Advanced Mermaid Certification. OSM holds ongoing certification classes each month for PADI Mermaid Certification and will offer Advanced Mermaid several times in the Spring and Summer of 2024.  Register now to complete your PADI eLearning and to be scheduled for one of our sessions this Winter and Spring.

PADI Mermaid Classes

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has developed a Mermaid instruction program to provide water-enthusiasts an additional outlet for exploring their underwater passion. The Mermaid program is a stand-alone program like the PADI Freediver program, it doesn’t require scuba or freediver instructor ratings as an underlying certification, it is open to all. The PADI Mermaid Program is designed to be a rewarding and fun experience, suited to anyone with an interest in mermaid diving and basic swimming abilities. Although this experience shares techniques and equipment used in freediving, mermaid diving (or ‘mermaiding’) is its own form of diving. Erin Walsh, the Ocean State Mermaid, has been a certified PADI Mermaid Instructor since May 2023.  

PADI Mermaid Certifications
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