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If you would like additional details regarding the different types of PADI Mermaid Certification, click the link below

Date and Time are To Be Determined


McDermott Pool - Warwick

PADI Basic and Mermaid Certification Class

The PADI Mermaid Program is designed to be a rewarding and fun experience, suited to anyone with an interest in mermaid diving and basic swimming abilities. Although this experience shares techniques and equipment used in freediving, mermaid diving (or ‘mermaiding’) is its own form of diving.

PADI Basic and Mermaid Certification Class
PADI Basic and Mermaid Certification Class

Time & Location

Date and Time are To Be Determined

McDermott Pool - Warwick, 975 Sandy Ln, Warwick, RI 02889, USA


About the event

PADI Basic Mermaid/Mermaid – Confined Water (Pool) Certification - $295 approximately 3 hours for two consecutive pool sessions conducted in one day.  This course is usually offered to folks who have swam at any of our mermaid meet-ups so we are familiar with their skills and abilities. Usually most merfolk will pursue the PADI Mermaid certification, however if they have limitations with performing certain skills such as swimming underwater for longer distances, then the Basic Mermaid certification may be more appropriate.  Pricing includes PADI e-Learning & e-certification card – additional costs paid to PADI for physical cards. Once registered, you will receive an email from OSM with additional information and forms for you to complete prior to scheduling your session. We are booking sessions out over the next three months.


  • PADI Mermaid Cert Only

    Please purchase this ticket if you are only interested in pursuing PADI Mermaid (or Basic Mermaid) certification and will not be completing the PADI Advanced class with us within the next 12-months.

  • PADI Mermaid & Advanced Cert

    If you are interested in completing both the PADI Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid Certification purchase this ticket. You will complete the PADI Mermaid Certification in a confined pool environment by March 2024. Open water Advanced Certification will be completed in the 'Spring/Summer of 2024.

  • PADI Discover Mermaid

    This is an introductory Mermaid class. In this class you will be provided with a Mertailor monofin and Fantasea skin and an introduction to mermaiding in a confined water environment. You will learn the basics of the dolphin kick and how to swim safely with a mermaid tail. You will receive one hour of instruction and then be able to join in the fun with our regular Merfolk meet-up with other mers.




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