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In the PADI Advanced Mermaid™ course, you'll build on your PADI Mermaid™ certification and apply it to the open water environment. You'll learn the basics of how the open water environment differs from a pool or confined water (larger, deeper, more variable conditions) and be introduced to open water mermaiding techniques. You'll also learn about aquatic life – what to expect, how it can affect you, and how you avoid harm.

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What's it All About?

---- Pre-requisites ---

  • Ability to swim at least 100 m/320 ft swim and 10 minute float

  • PADI Mermaid Certification

​--- Certification Requirements ---

  • Complete online eLearning for PADI Advanced Mermaid – Knowledge Development Session 1, 2 & 3
  • Complete all Confined Water skills for PADI Basic Mermaid and PADI Mermaid – Confined Water Sessions 1 & 2

  • Complete Open Water Sessions 1 & 2

  • Correctly execute one or more mermaid dives, including: 

    • Waiting for buddy recovery before starting breathe-up. 

    • Proper breathing before, during, and after the dive. 

    • Duck dive. 

    • Regular equalization. 

    • Streamlined body position. 

    • Effective kick and glide technique. 

    • Securing support upon surfacing.

  • As a buddy, correctly supervise a mermaid diver who is making a mermaid dive, including: 

    • Watching the diver for problems during the dive and until fully recovered after surfacing. 

    • Escorting the diver during the ascent. 

    • Demonstrate the rescue of a diver simulating LMC at the surface.

    • Demonstrate the rescue of a diver who simulates blacking out underwater, including surfacing the diver, tapping, talking and providing simulated rescue breaths.

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