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PADI Basic Mermaid – The PADI Basic Mermaid™ course combines learning supporting knowledge and principles with a confined water skill development session to introduce the fun of fundamental mermaid diving. The course covers mermaid diving's background and culture, primary safety considerations, equipment and basic water skills.


What's it All About?

---- Pre-requisites ---

  • Ability to swim at least 25m and float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes

​--- Certification Requirements ---

  • Complete online eLearning for PADI Basic Mermaid – Knowledge Development Session 1

  • Complete Confined Water Session 1

    • Swim on the surface for at least 25 meters/80 feet using a dolphin kick in both a face-down and a backward position without sculling or excessive hand and arm use. (This is the length of the pool)

    • Demonstrate proper mermaid rescue skills: 

      • Cramp release technique for self and buddy (at the surface). 

      • Tread water, drown-proof, bob or float using full mermaid equipment for at least two minutes.

      • Back float 

    • As part of a correctly executed mermaid dive, perform the following skills: 

      • Demonstrate the proper breathing technique before and after each dive. 

      • Make a vertical, headfirst duck dive from the surface in water too deep in which to stand. 

      • Swim underwater with no mask, demonstrate dolphin kick underwater while maintaining directional control. 

      • Demonstrate an appropriate exit technique. 

      • Demonstrate basic buddy procedures by alternating dives and watching/safety with another diver. 

      • Skills may include back float breathe up, rolling into the dive, and rolling into the back float for recovery breathing.

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