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You will find that there are a lot of different manufacturers of mermaid fins, skins, and tails and these range in quality, functionality, and price.

Ocean State Merfolk works almost exclusively with Mertailor products because we have found their products to provide optimum swimability, high quality durability, budget friendly options, and simply breathtaking designs!

Below you will find information and details on Mertailor's offering of silicone monofins and the Lindon Monofin by Body Glove which is used with their Guppy line of tail skins,


Click the links to go to Mertailor's website for additional details and to shop!


Travel friendly, nimble, quick

The FF1 is a great starting point for those who are a solid swimmers, comfortable in the water, and looking to experience merming.  This is the smallest of the family of silicone fins and the most compatible with Mertailor's offering of the more affordable line of spandex Fantasea Skins.  You can pick up a fin and compatible spandex skin for around $275.  Save $10 by using a discount code.

Tip to Tip measurement of approximately  26”x27” and weighs approximately 7-8 pounds



Super sick design - for those who like to swim in style

Noticeably larger than the FF1 in both size and weight, this fancy fin has a distinctive style that photographs beautifully. A lot heavier to haul around, and a bit more challenging to get into a tail skin, this fin is still relatively neutrally buoyant in the water.  It was actually the first fin I ever swam in but I would not recommend it as a starting fin unless you are a strong swimmer.  It has tremendous propulsion but requires a bit more effort to move.

Tip to Tip measurement is approximately  30”x32” and it weighs approximately 15-16 lbs.



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